Team Members


Al Fortney: CEO

Al founded Fortney Sales in 1978. Al had successfully served the industrial marketplace in a sales role for a number of years. After yet another political “sea change” at his previous employer, Al decided to strike out on his own. He quit his job and started looking for lines to represent as a manufacturer’s rep.

By the way…he did this while his wife was in the hospital recovering from minor surgery. Although we wouldn’t recommend such a move for you, it was probably the only thing that kept Joyce from throttling him. All these years later, who can question his success.

We are all grateful for his vision and dedication.

David Fortney: President

David has worked with the company since was able to walk. Well…sort of. David has been involved with the business at all levels, cleaning up the warehouse as a kid, working in the warehouse as a teenager, and so on. David joined the company officially in June of 1989 working in customer service. He eventually moved into Outside Sales and then into management. David now leads our organization serving as President.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3352
Cell Phone: 770.335.6676

Danny Fortney: Vice President / Sales Manager

Danny grew up in and around the business from warehouse to customer service. After college, he worked outside the business for a few years before taking an outside sales position in August of 1996.

Danny currently covers part of the Atlanta area, South GA and the Dominican Republic.

As of January 2013 he took on the role of Sales Manager to continue grow the business and find new opportunities.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3353
Cell Phone: 770.335.6679

Joyce Fortney: TBBIA (The Brains Behind It All)

We all know that Mrs. Joyce really runs the show. That is all…

Outside Sales

Scott May: Territory Manager

Northeast Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia

Scott first met David Fortney while both were attending Berry College in Rome, Georgia. After graduation, Scott gained experience with an number of industries including, advertising, business services and technology services. Having maintained a longtime friendship with the Fortney family, the relationship eventually transitioned into a professional opportunity as well. He joined the company as an Outside Salesman in December of 2002.

And yes…we give him a hard time about the hair and the clothes too. You don’t have to feel guilty about harassing him.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3356
Cell Phone: 678.641.6436

Richard Korson: Territory Manager

Northwest Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Alabama, North Mississippi, North Louisiana.

Richard joined the company in May, 2005. Richard is the crazy one with 15 children and one on the way. Well…not really. He is a little crazy but he and his lovely bride only have seven children. Oh yeah…he’s now a grandfather as well. God Bless the man.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3364
Cell Phone: 678.315.1935

Andy Fobes: Territory Manager

Andy joined FSC in June, 2013. Initially Andy started as our Inside Sales Specialist, focusing on outbound call activity to assist our Territory Managers in growing market share for our product lines.

As of June 2016, Andy has also stepped into a role as the Territory Manager for Alabama, South Mississippi and the Panhandle of Florida. In addition to his new outside sales responsibilities, he will still assist with large quotes, product crossovers and marketing for all our product lines.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3369
Cell Phone: 678.995.9930


Inside Sales

Bob Lerzo: Customer Service Manager

Bob joined the Fortney Sales Company team in June of 2016 after a 30 year successful career with IBM. Having extensive experience in leading international customer service teams, we are excited to have Bob’s influence at FSC.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3355

IMG_5698 (Large)

Tim Simmons: Customer Service / Inventory Control

Tim joined FSC in May, 1989. Tim arrived for his initial interview in an AC/DC concert t-shirt and a pony-tail. He looked like he belonged in the band. He spent his initial years with the company working in the warehouse slinging hose at our original Session Street facility. Eventually moving into customer service, Tim also oversees Inventory Management for Kuriyama.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3357

Kim Anderson: Customer Service

Kim joined FSC in August, 2004. Kim is the order entry wizard. You can’t beat her. Don’t even try.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3358

Aaron Biddle: Customer Service

Aaron joined FSC in August, 2014. He’s your ice cream man….(there is a song in that somewhere)

He comes to us with an extensive background in management and leadership training from Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. Aaron is also the worship pastor at Awakening Church in Woodstock, Georgia.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3359

Jan Hammonds: Customer Service

She’s BACK! Jan originally joined us in 2011 and quickly became a vital member of the team. After a brief hiatus in late 2014, Jan has joined us again. We are grateful to have her back on the phones.

Direct Phone: 678.501.4011

Christi Holland: Customer Service

Christi joined FSC in May of 2016. You can’t miss the smile in her voice.

Direct Phone: 678.501.4012

IMG_5697 (Large)

David Hulsey: Logistics and Order Process Coordinator

D3 joined the company in July, 2007. He can drive a truck, unload it, find the best way to make all of it fit in half the space it should, and make it all look easy. And he is also very handy with a fire extinguisher. Figuratively anyway. He’s the guy who makes sure we get the product where it belongs.

Our resident outdoors-man, he can build it, hike it, survive it. When the zombie apocalypse occurs…I’m on his team. He’s now helping to build the next generation of leaders as a Scoutmaster in his local Scout Troop.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3361

Dennis Pope: Customer Service

Dennis joined FSC in October, 1979 as the first non-family member employee. Dennis has forgotten more about this business than some of us will ever learn. Dennis arrived for his initial interview driving a Cobb County School bus.

After 37 years with the company, Dennis officially retired on June 30, 2016. On occasion you may catch him on the phone filling in for one of the vacationing team members. Be sure to give him the appropriate hard time.

Thanks for all your efforts Dennis.


Pat Dasher: Administrative Support

A longtime family friend, Pat joined the company in September, 1983. Pat ensures that everything from billing to shipping gets done correctly.


Aaron Kelly: Warehouse Manager

Aaron joined FSC in September, 2006.

Aaron leads a charmed life. He is a blessing to the company and the family.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3368

Craig Reed

Craig joined FSC in December, 2013. You have to be careful around Craig. You might bust a gut. The man is a professional comic. Really…