Team Members


Al Fortney: Chairman of the Board

Al founded Fortney Sales in 1978. Al had successfully served the industrial marketplace in a sales role for a number of years. After yet another political “sea change” at his previous employer, Al decided to strike out on his own. He quit his job and started looking for lines to represent as a manufacturer’s rep.

By the way…he did this while his wife was in the hospital recovering from minor surgery. Although we wouldn’t recommend such a move for you, it was probably the only thing that kept Joyce from throttling him. All these years later, who can question his success?

He has stepped back in many roles allowing his sons to take the reigns but he still remains our Chairman of the Board.

We are all grateful for his vision and dedication.

David Fortney: President

David has worked with the company since was able to walk. He is the son of Al and Joyce Fortney and because of this, He has been involved with the business at all levels, cleaning up the warehouse as a kid, working in the warehouse as a teenager, and so on. David joined the company officially in June of 1989 working in customer service. He eventually moved into Outside Sales and then into management. David now leads our organization serving as President. David still loves the sales process and covers our Puerto Rico territories.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3352
Cell Phone: 770.335.6676

Danny Fortney: Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Danny is the other son of Al and Joyce and grew up around the business doing any jobs from warehouse to customer service. After college, he worked outside the business for a few years but then joined the company officially in an outside sales position in August of 1996. He not only travels and manages his territories but he is our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Danny oversees the territories in Metro-Atlanta, Northern North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Direct Phone: 678.460.3353
Cell Phone: 770.335.6679

Outside Sales

Andy Fobes: Territory Manager

Andy joined FSC in June 2013. Initially, Andy started as our Inside Sales Specialist, focusing on outbound call activity to assist our Territory Managers in growing market share for our product lines.

As of June 2016, Andy stepped into a role as a Territory Manager.  He holds the territories of  Alabama, South Mississippi, Central Georgia, and the Panhandle of Florida.

Phone: 678.995.9930


Caleb Fortney: Territory Manager

Caleb joined the company officially in May of 2015. He is the son of our President, David Fortney. He has been around the company his entire life and began as a part-time worker in our warehouse and has worked his way up to his current position, whilst attending Kennesaw State. After graduating, he hit the road and He is now our territory manager for North Georgia, Northeast Georgia, South Carolina, and Southern North Carolina.

Phone: 470-832-1223



Richard Korson: Territory Manager

Richard has worked at Fortney Sales since May of 2005. Richard has been loyal to our company and has continued to grow his experience and territories over the years. He is on his way to visiting all of the Nation Parks in the US. Check out his travel blog Rickard oversees our outside sales in Northwest Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, Louisiana, and East Arkansas.

Phone: 678.315.1935


Scott May: Territory Manager

Scott first met David Fortney while both were attending Berry College in Rome, Georgia. After graduation, Scott gained experience in a number of industries including, advertising, business services, and technology services. Having maintained a longtime friendship with the Fortney family, the relationship eventually transitioned into a professional opportunity as well.

He joined the company as an Outside Salesman in December of 2002. He has overseen many territories throughout his time here. Scott has relocated to the Northeast Florida coast and now manages our territories in Florida and South Georgia.

Phone: 678.641.6436


Inside Sales

Aaron Biddle: Customer Service/Inside Sales Manager

Aaron joined FSC in August of 2014. He comes to us with an extensive background in management and leadership training from Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. Aaron was originally the primary support specialist for the Outside Sales team but then switched roles in September of 2022 and took over managing our Inside Sales and Customer Service Teams.


Blake Phillips: Inside Sales Lead

Blake graduated from Berry College in May of 2020 with a degree in Business Management while also playing football there for 4 years. He started in Customer Service for Fortney Sales in June of 2021. His current role is as an Inside Sales Rep where He provides support for all our territory managers while also handling any inquiries that come via email or phone such as quotes or technical questions.  He also helps manage and facilitate daily operations for our Midland team. Blake can answer all your questions about inquiries and Midland operations!

Jeff Whitmire: Inside Sales

Jeff Whitmire worked with us back at the Big Shanty Road location as a warehouse team member. He rejoined our team as a Customer Service team member a few years ago but has recently moved into an Inside Sales position.

Customer Service

Christi Holland: Customer Service

Christi joined FSC in May 2016. Having come from outside the industry, she quickly conquered the steep learning curve becoming one of our strongest team members. She can tell you anything you need to know! The customers love her almost as much as we do! She is a chronically happy individual and you can’t miss her smile in any room! She has been loyal to Fortney Sales all these years and we are so thankful for her.

David Hulsey: Logistics and Order Process Coordinator

David joined the company in July, 2007. He can drive a truck, unload it, find the best way to make all of it fit in half the space it should, and make it all look easy. And he is also very handy with a fire extinguisher. Figuratively anyway. He’s the guy who makes sure we get the product where it belongs.

Our resident outdoors-man, he can build it, hike it, survive it. When the zombie apocalypse occurs…I’m on his team. David is also a volunteer with the Cartersville Search and Rescue Team.


Andrew Morgan: Customer Service

Andrew began working for us in March 2018 as a part-time warehouse associate while in school at Kennesaw State University pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree. In September of 2022, as Andrew finished up his degree he was moved to a customer service position and continues to be an asset to our team in this new role!

Dennis Pope: Customer Service

Dennis joined FSC in October, 1979 as the first non-family member employee. Dennis has forgotten more about this business than some of us will ever learn. Dennis arrived for his initial interview driving a Cobb County School bus.

After 37 years with the company, Dennis officially retired on June 30, 2016. After a few short weeks of retirement, Dennis came back filling in for vacations in Customer Service.  That occasional day in the office became a regular event.  You can now find him on the phones most days of the week.. Be sure to give him the appropriate hard time.

We are blessed to have the Pope in our midst.

Tim Simmons: Customer Service / Inventory Manager

Tim joined FSC in May, 1989. Tim arrived for his initial interview in an AC/DC concert t-shirt and a pony-tail. He looked like he belonged in the band. He spent his initial years with the company working in the warehouse slinging hose at our original Session Street facility. Eventually moving into customer service, Tim now spends all his time overseeing Inventory Management for all the Kuriyama products in our Georgia facility.


Aarionna Kelly: Customer Service

Aarionna joined us in Customer Service in June 2022. She is the daughter of our warehouse manager, Aaron Kelly. Aarionna quickly learned her way around and is now a huge asset to our team!


Our Warehouse Team

Aaron Kelly: General Warehouse Manager

Aaron joined FSC in September, 2006. Most of us cannot remember what it was like without him. He is the heart and soul of the warehouse. Aaron manages our warehouse team overseeing all shipments going out and all the hands shipping them. He keeps things running smoothly even on the craziest days. Aaron could answer any question about our products and their locations that you could ever think of.

Ram Singh: Operational Warehouse Manager

Ram joined Fortney Sales in February of 2018. He joined us after spending a number of years as the Warehouse Manager for Glory Haus in Marietta, Georgia. He is Aaron Kelly's right-hand man and He has had a huge impact on the smooth operation of our warehouse facility. He oversees a lot of our day-to-day operations and helps keeps things in line. We are grateful to have him on the team.

Alex Jonke: Midland Supervisor

If you want something done right, hire the guy with the Ph.D.

Alex Jonke has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and joined our company after leaving a crazy life in that field. Alex quickly realized that his leadership abilities could shine in our warehouse and is now the supervisor of our Midland Department and plays a leadership role in the success of our warehouse operations.

If you want to be entertained, check out his and his daughter’s Youtube page:


Noah Leonard: Kuriyama Supervisor

Noah Leonard joined our team in the August of 2021. He is also a family friend of the Fortneys and joined us after serving in multiple positions at Publix. When Noah joined our team he ran our UPS department shipping out all of our smaller packages on his own. We learned that if you need a job done fast and efficiently, He’s the guy! Noah was recently in May of 2023 moved into the position that he currently holds as our Kuriyama Supervisor and will oversee all of our operations in that department.

Craig Reed

Craig joined FSC in December, 2013. Craig is a part of this work family and things wouldn’t be the same without him. He keeps us laughing on even the busiest days while also making sure everything gets done exactly when it needs to.

Marty Bowen

Marty joined our team in August of 2021. He came in ready to be a part of the team and has continued to show up and be an asset to us in our Kuriyama department of shipping!

Nate Francis

Nate joined us in May of 2023 and works in our UPS department shipping out our smaller packages. He is a great addition to our team

Eric Higginbotham

Eric is new to our team and also plays a role in our Midland department!

Jonluke Jenkins

Jonluke joined us in March of 2023 and has become a part of our Midland department packing and shipping orders. He is a determined worker and we love having him here!

Caleb Raines

Caleb Raines worked for us a couple of years back, on his high school summer breaks and continued to during his summers off while attending Truett McConnell University from 2018-2021. Caleb recently graduated from Truett in May of 2023 with a degree in Business Administration and came back to work for us starting after graduation. He is a huge asset to our team, works hard, and is an incredible team player in our warehouse’s moving parts.

Alex D’Agostino

Alex joined us in June of 2023 in our warehouse. He is a senior at North Cobb Christian School so he works with us during his summer and on school breaks.


Tuffy Williams: Business Operations Coordinator

Tuffy has been David’s best friend since they were small kids. Tuffy has worked for multiple companies prior to Fortney Sales, including Coca-Cola. Tuffy joined us in October of 2022 working in the warehouse. It wasn’t very long before they decided that they needed him inside and he became the Business Operations Coordinator in 2023.


Phone: 770.598.2764


Connie Fortney: AP/AR/Finance

Connie Fortney is the wife of our President, David Fortney. She joined our team in January of 2022 to pick up some tasks in the finance department but in December of 2022 took over. She handles all of our accounts and keeps everything in our finance department in line.

Kelda Williams: Receptionist and Billing

Continuing with FSC tradition, Kelda is a longtime family friend.  Somehow it just seems to work for us.  Kelda is the one making sure all the pick tickets get processed so that everything invoices correctly.  She’s also handling all our internal marketing material requests.