What is a manufacturer’s representative?

  • A manufacturer’s representative is a contracted sales agent for a specific product and or territory.  We represent the manufacturer’s interests in the marketplace.

Are you really just a master distributor?

  • No. The manufacturers retain ownership of the inventory and your distributor agreement is directly with the manufacturer.
  • There are occasions when Fortney Sales Company, Inc. will engage in a buy/resell arrangement to assist you in securing a specific product or service.
Do you sell to end users?
  • Our focus and the focus of our manufacturers is the industrial distributor.  We DO NOT sell to end users.
  • On rare occasions, we may deal directly with an OEM based on volume or industry requirements.

To whom should purchase orders be issued?

  • As a general rule, all purchase orders should be issued directly to the manufacturer in question.
  • In the event we are engaging in a buy/resell arrangement, the purchase order should be made to Fortney Sales Company, Inc.
Where can I send my orders?

What is the prepaid freight amount?
  • Midland Metal Industrial
    •  $1,500
  • Kuriyama of America
    • $4,000 for any combination of products.
    • $1,500 for orders consisting of only coupling products.
Do you prepay and add freight charges?
  • Kuriyama Freight charges can be billed as PP&A for UPS or Freight Line shipments with a completed PPA Registration form.
Can I mix a Kuriyama order and a Midland order together to get prepaid freight?
  • No
How late can I place an order and still get it out the same day?
  • As a general rule, any order received prior to 3:00 p.m. EST will ship the same day.  Please understand this is affected by multiple factors:
    • Overall order volume – If we have been slammed by high order volume, we may have challenges meeting same-day shipping requests.
    • Truck lines – Your preferred truck line may have already come and gone for the day.
    • Size of the order – A 20+ line item order is likely to be a challenge if received late in the day.
    • Inventory availability – If we happen to be out of a given item and have to send the order to another warehouse, we cannot guarantee same-day shipping availability.
  • Let us know what you need.  We will do everything possible to meet your requirements.
Who do I need to contact to get a copy of an invoice?
How late are you open?  Are you open on weekends?
  • Our hours of operation are as follows:
    • M-Th 8:00-5:30
    • Fri – 8:00-5:00
  • If an emergency arises, please contact your outside salesman directly.